HandyManPro's mission is to provide knowledgeable, convenient, and reasonably-priced handyman service. Will provide every customer with an honest day's work and will fix anything that is not done right. HandyManPro offers the community the finest home repair and maintenance for home owners and property managers.

As a handyman, HandyManPro will offer a wide range of home repair services. The services are generally fairly minor tasks, if the problem becomes major a contractor is best suited to solve the difficulty. HandyManPro will offer the value-added feature to pre-screen a contractor when is unable to perform the repair. This will develop a trust bond with the customer so that when a more minor issue comes up the customer is more likely to call Pawel due to his honesty displayed earlier. HandyManPro offers fix-it services for: painting and decorating, assembling flat pack furniture, drywall repair, plumbing, electrical, windows, decks/patios, weather proofing, gardening, cleaning, laminate floors, attic insulation also CCTV installation​.